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St James

The Blackstar St. James amplifiers are designed to be the lightest 50 Watt Guitar Amps in the world. Weighing in at only 12.8 Kgs for the Combo versions and 6.7 Kgs for the Head versions. Featuring Blackstar's proprietary power reduction system, the St James Amps have a 50 Watt, Sag and 2 Watt power modes to maximise clean headroom, optimise low volume gain performance, and with sag, obtain the vintage "feel" and response from the power stage. But that's not all, each St James Amp comes with a built in XLR DI box that allows you to run the amps at full power, even without a speaker connected using Blackstar's reactive load technology. Combine this with Blackstar's Cab Rig software for a truly professional amplifier that truly can do it all, from home, to studio to stage.

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