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Fender Hammertone Reverb FX Pedal

Fender Hammertone Reverb FX Pedal

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    Fender Hammertone Reverb FX Pedal

    Fender & Reverb – name a more iconic duo… we'll wait.

    The Hammertone Reverb delivers three classic reverb effects – Hall, Room and Plate – in a compact stomp that will integrate seamlessly into your rig. Powerful damping control and tone switch offer supreme flexibility, while the Fender-designed on-board reverb tones are perfect for subtle to extreme ambience.

    Features: Hammertone Reverb

    • Original Fender-Designed Reverb Effect
      Designed by our in-house experts, the Hammertone Reverb delivers gorgeous ambience and echo, with three reverb modes and powerful controls.
    • Three Reverb Modes
      Hall, Room and Plate round out this trio of classic reverb sounds. Available at the flick of a switch, they each offer a distinct sound for a wide variety of uses.
    • Tone Switch & Damp Control
      The tone switch dampens high frequencies and allows the reverb to sit more naturally in a mix. Meanwhile, the damp control rolls off highs more gradually, eventually clamping down on the reverb tails.
    • Custom Colour "F" Logo Knobs
      Paying homage to Fender's historic custom colours, these "F" logo knobs are easy to read, easy to grip and stand out on stage.
    • Rugged, Road-Worthy Hardware
      The rugged aluminum enclosure and metal hardware deliver road-worthy reliability. True bypass switching ensure easy setup and pure tone.
    • Top-Mount Jacks
      Top-mounted input and output jacks allow more pedals to be used on the same board, as well as increasing pedal routing options.

    Specifications - Fender Hammertone Reverb FX Pedal


    • Input Impedance: 500k ohm
    • Output Impedance: 470 ohm
    • Power Consumption: 82mA
    • Power Requirements: 9-Volt Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)


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