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  • Markbass Compressore Analog Pedal

    Markbass Compressore Analog Pedal

    Features the individual controls you would normally find on outboard studio compressors:Clean (instrument input level control)Threshold (input level at which the sound becomes compressed)Ratio (how intense the compression is)Attack (how quickly the...
  • Markbass MB Instrument Pre

    Markbass MB Instrument Pre

    The MB INSTRUMENT PRE has been created after several tests and built with the best components on the market. We concentrated all our know-how into this ultra-compact circuit and chose the right frequencies for the best sound reproduction. Its tone...
  • Markbass Mark Vintage Pre FX Pedal

    Markbass Mark Vintage Pre FX Pedal

    After the huge success of the Little Mark Vintage head, marking a new Markbass era, we designed the MARK VINTAGE PRE, a new tube preamp pedal, REAL TRUE BYPASS, ready to become a must have tool for pro bass players. MARK VINTAGE PRE delivers a very wide...
  • Markbass Octaver Raw Series FX Pedal

    Markbass Octaver Raw Series FX Pedal

    Key FeaturesLow notes clear and in tune: The low notes are clear and perfectly in tune, more so than you would expect from an analog octaver.Super-fast tracking: The MB Octaver raw series tracking is impressively fast, even in the low ranges...
  • Markbass Super Synth Digital Pedal 2015

    Markbass Super Synth Digital Pedal 2015

    Sensitivity control Set the pedal to perfectly match how hard or soft you play, and the Super Synth pedal will track your playing quickly and accurately to create a wide range of bass synth tones. USB connection The USB connection allows you to...