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The Fender Stratocaster, often referred to as simply, Strat, is perhaps the single most famous Electric Guitar of our time. Fender have been making the Stratocaster since 1954 and was revolutionary at the time as being a mass-produced guitar, affordable with great looks, striking paint colours and of course, the Stratocaster sound that we have come to know and love since. We are an authorised Fender Premium Showcase Dealer here in the UK, which essentially means we stock every single Fender Stratocaster you'd expect us to have such as the Player, American Professional and Vintera Ranges with countless more Strat models on order and arriving all the time for you try and buy, in store, or online. Be sure to check out our Guitar Gallery as we individually photograph and weigh all our Fender Stratocaster guitars so you can pick your favourite from the comfort of your sofa.

FAQs - Fender Stratocaster