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  • Boss BCB-90X Pedal Board

    Boss BCB-90X Pedal Board

    Create a Custom Layout with Your Favorite Stomps Evolved from the famous BOSS BCB-60 pedalboard used by players for almost two decades, the next-generation BCB-90X delivers more versatility for modern pedal setups. A customizable insert lets you create a...
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  • Boss BCB-30X Pedal Board

    Boss BCB-30X Pedal Board

    Small, Rugged, and Fully Customizable The compact BCB-30X is the ideal solution for players who use a small number of pedals or want a scaled-down second board for grab-and-go gigs. It's also perfect as a sidecar board for utility pedals and footswitches...
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  • Boss BCB-1000 Pedal Board

    Boss BCB-1000 Pedal Board

    Suitcase-Style Design for Maximum Mobility The BCB-1000 presents an innovative new approach in pedalboard design that makes traveling with your rig easier than ever. The durable suitcase-style body provides heavy-duty protection and features a...
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