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Les Paul

Perhaps the World's most iconic rock guitar, the Gibson Custom Shop takes the Les Paul to a whole new level.
Whether it be historic accuracy and vibe of the fabled Murphy Labs guitars, to the stand out Les Paul Customs in their timeless gloss finish...when you are ready...only a Gibson Is Good Enough.

The Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul offering breaks down into several ranges. Starting with their mainstay, the Historic Reissue collection normally standing out with their Gloss or VOS finishes that represent specifications and colourways from a specific year. The Modern collection contains models such as the Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Axcess etc. Limited Edition Les Pauls appear from time to time such as Anniversary Models and occasional runs of Artist models. Lastly, the venerable Murphy Lab Les Pauls feature specific ageing techniques to recreate Les Pauls with authentic playing wear and worn in, playable, feel that you only get with vintage instruments. With the serious Gibson fan and collectors in mind, these guitars represent the best Gibson Custom Shop can offer.

All our Custom Shop Les Pauls that are in stock are dispatched for next working day delivery on our courier, fully tracked and insured to your door.

Tracking down your Deam Custom Shop Les Paul can be a bit tricky, with production timescales running at over 12 months for a new order, we are constantly putting our own orders in to secure build slots for popular models, as well as more interesting pieces we've perhaps had made under the Made 2 Measure program. 

It's really worth speaking to our friendly staff to discuss your requirements, and you can always pre order guitars to secure our build slots. We're always happy to discuss Custom Shop Les Pauls with you!!