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Daddario PW-AGP-1 Plugs, Circuit Breaker, 1/4 Inch, Straight

Daddario PW-AGP-1 Plugs, Circuit Breaker, 1/4 Inch, Straight

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The D'Addario Low Profile 1/4-inch plugs are a great solution for both pedalboard patch cables and instrument cables with a small plug body that will not take up too much space. The solderless cable systems give you everything you need to create quality and durable Instrument, patch, and power cables in minutes. With various plug types, it's as simple as cutting the cable to length and screwing in your desired plug.

With an easy solderless connection for fast cable assembly, the D'Addario DIY Kit is the ultimate solution for custom wiring your pedalboard. Simply cut the provided cable to length, place it into the plug end, and secure the set screw for a flawless, performance-ready sound.

DIY Solderless Cable Construction

Solderless Cable Construction allows for customizable cable connections when making a pro-level audio cable. It provides a long-lasting, durable connection with easy assembly.


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