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Orange Acoustic Pedal

Orange Acoustic Pedal

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Price: £125.00

Orange Acoustic Pedal

The Acoustic Pedal

The Orange Acoustic Pedal takes all the know-how of the acclaimed Acoustic Pre TC preamp and Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier, cramming it all into a do-it-all, compact preamp pedal. Whether you need to win the battle against feedback, handle complex effects chains, brighten up a dull instrument or just plug into a PA, the Acoustic Pedal has you covered – in top-notch Orange style. With a low-noise JFET circuit design, surgical-yet-flattering EQ, XLR and 1/4″ outputs and a buffered FX Loop, all situations are taken care of. This high-headroom, high-quality pedal keeps your setup simple and controlled, leaving you free to do what you do best. Play.

Features: Orange Acoustic Pedal

  • EQ With Notch Control
    Acoustic instruments can be tricky. When dealing with feedback, finnicky pickups and finding a place in the mix, you need an EQ that is both powerful and simple. The Middle knob works in conjunction with the Notch and Q Factor controls to subtly sculpt your sound or tackle feedback with precision. Fixed-frequency Bass and Treble knobs give you much-needed control over the "body" and "sparkle" of your instrument.
  • High Headroom, Low Noise
    The Acoustic Pedal uses a single-ended JFET circuit design to guarantee insanely low levels of background noise. No hiss, even with the Treble control maxed! Super-high headroom comes courtesy of the 18V power supply, guaranteeing the cleanest, clearest acoustic tone Orange can give you.
  • Balanced XLR Output
    Connect straight to the P.A. with no need for a D.I. box. Studio-grade, balanced XLR output will drive long cable runs with noise-free, high-fidelity performance. The built in phase flip enables eradication of phase cancellation issues at the press of a button, while the additional 1/4″ mono jack output can be used simultaneously for ultimate flexibility.
  • Buffered FX Loop
    Effects aren't just for electric guitarists. In the world of the modern acoustic player, where loopers, reverbs and delays are just as important as the instrument itself, creating the perfect signal chain is essential. A highly-transparent, buffered FX Loop gives you the freedom to build your dream acoustic rig, without compromise.

Specifications - Orange Acoustic Pedal

  • Features:
    • Low Noise JFET Preamp
    • EQ with Notch Control
    • Buffered FX Loop
    • Balanced XLR Output with Phase Reverse Switch
  • Controls:
    • Bass
    • XLR Phase
    • Treble
    • Notch
    • Middle
    • Q Factor
    • Volume
  • Power:
    • 18v Centre Positive
  • Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D):
    • 10.5 x 6 x 13.7 cm
    • 4.1 x 2.4 x 5.4 in
  • Unboxed Weight:
    • 400 g
    • 14.1 oz


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