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Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 Amplifier Head

Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 Amplifier Head

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Blackstar St James 50 EL34 Amplifier Head

The new Saint James EL34 Head is part of the new St James line up of amplifiers from Blackstar. Blackstar set out with the specific goal to make the lightest heads and combos on the market today, while retaining the essential elements of traditional valve amps, with no compromise in tone or performance. Additionally, Blackstar wanted to include everything within one box to enable the output of authenitc 'mic'd cabinet of a hard driven value amp in a room sounds, direct to stage box or recording device.

Blackstar EL34 Channel 1

Channel 1 of the Blackstar St James EL34 is inspired by classic American amps of the mid 60s. Very clean and bright, but with a solid low-end and controlled mids. Valve power stage is tight and relatively clean across the frequency range.

Blackstar EL34 Channel 2

Moving on to Channel 2 the St James EL34 is a ‘Classic’ valve preamp based on a much-loved British ‘Class A’ amplifier of the early ’60s. A low to medium gain preamp that can be used clean, warm or mildly overdriven. Popular choice for a ‘pedal platform’ or as a responsive crunch tone. The valve power stage is set as ‘open-loop’, which has a looser feel with a resonant bottom end and lively highs.

Blackstar EL34 Channel Boost

Both channels feature boost which pushes the valve preamp harder with a +10dB clean boost to take it from "Chimey" to "Creamy" and beyond...

Inductive Load

The St James EL34 head features a built in inductive load that allows you to run the valves flat out, without having a speaker connected - no additional equipment needed - it's all in amp! Add in Cab Rig, Blackstar's next-generation DSP speaker simulator to capture incredible tones via USB/XLR DI out or headphones.

Power Reduction

The power reduction switch allows you to select 50 Watts, 5 Watts or Sag to get the perfect balance of power and response from your new St James for any situation. Whether than be at home, on Stage or in the Studio the St James EL34 has you covered. Use the 5 Watt mode for practicing, recording or for smaller gigs for example. The 50 Watt mode gives you the loudest clean headroom. The third option, Sag, generates more power supply 'sag' to accentuate the amp compression providing a softer more vintage feel to the amp.

Light Weight

All the new Blackstar St James amps and cabs feature lightweight cabinets thanks to the Candlenut Plywood construction specifically chosen for is strength, light weight and acoustic properties. Additionally the Combos and Cabinets feature unique Celestion Zephyr Lightweight ferrite speakers. The Heads weigh in at 6.7 Kgs. The Combos at just 12.8 Kgs, and the Vertical 2x12 Cabs at only 13.6 Kgs. 

Specifications: Blackstar St James 50 EL34 Head

  • Ultra-lightweight 50 Watt head
  • 2 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • Footswitchable Channel II Boost (‘top boost’)
  • 50W / Sag / 2W
  • Master Volume
  • Digital Reverb
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • USB audio output
  • XLR D.I. output
  • Cab Rig advanced DSP cabinet simulator
  • 2-Way Footcontroller included
  • Stunning boutique look including illuminated logo
  • Fawn Tolex, Black Basketweave Fret
  • Weight 6.7 Kgs
  • Dimensions 402 x 222 x 214 mm


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