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Strymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker V2 FX Pedal

Strymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker V2 FX Pedal

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Price: £359.00

Strymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker V2 FX Pedal

Add warm dimensionality and luscious tape saturation to your signal. Teleport the tones of yesteryear to your board. Effortlessly create a huge range of beautiful, distinctive, and enveloping vintage sounds.

Our journey begins with the early recording studios of the '50s and '60s. The introduction of reel-to-reel tape machines and the creative engineers that used them brought on some of the fattest sounds imaginable. These early machines really were the first effects pedals - they just wouldn't have fit on your pedalboard!

Mid-Century Maverick
From the inherent warmth and luscious tape saturation to the forgotten art of how these machines were manipulated, Deco brings this original inspiration back, giving you these vintage tape effects from the earliest recording studios, right on your pedalboard.

Deco's Tape Saturation smooths out your sound with familiar and delicious tape compression and saturation, while fattening your tone with subtle tape-driven transparent overdrive.

The Doubletracker provides the power to shift your sound in many ways, easily allowing you to achieve syrupy slapback tape echoes, psychedelic tape flanging, and gorgeous tape chorusing sounds.

Features - Strymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker V2 FX Pedal

  • Hand crafted dTape algorithms deliver vintage recreation of analogue reel to reel tape effects
  • FX include deliciously compressed/transparently overdriven tape saturation, plus doubletracking FX (syrupy slapback and longer (up to 500m/s) warm tape delays, gorgeous tape chorus, psychadelic tape flanging)
  • The tape saturation and doubletracker circuits sections are independent- two pedals in one!
  • Independent control of (i) tape saturation level and decks' output volume (ii) reel to reel lag time + reel varispeed ('wobble')
  • Blend (of 2 tape decks) control and three Doubletracker blend types (Sum, Invert, Bounce) to individually tailor your effects
  • Secondary controls allow control of High Trim, Low Trim, Auto-Flange Time, Wide Stereo Mode and +/- 3dB Boost/Cut
  • Hold down the bypass switch for a studio-inspired through-zero auto-flange!
  • Two signal routing modes: Standard and Wide Stereo
  • Expression pedal input with selectable control over any knob parameter
  • TRS stereo input (with stunning new JFET preamp) and output, plus MONO/STEREO input switch on the back of the unit
  • Full MIDI control, MIDI clock sync and 300 presets
  • USB port for updates and MIDI over USB
  • TRS MIDI jacks: allow bi-directional MIDI communication with a single cable using the Conduit interface
  • Editor/librarian support via USB


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