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Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit

Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit

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Price: £119.00
  • Requires a Strymon power supply or Zuma unit to operate (not included)
  • 5 high-current outputs, fully isolated with center-negative polarity
  • 5 dedicated 9v outputs up to 500mA
  • 500mA per 9V output powers nearly any pedal
  • 5 pedal cables included (2.1mm barrel, center negative, 18'' length)
  • Ultra-thin design fits under almost any pedalboard
  • Expandable system with 24V thru output to connect to another Strymon Ojai (not included)
  • Rugged design, dual buffered outputs, all outputs fully isolated
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.

Powers 5 Pedals

The Strymon Ojai Power Expansion Kit lets you power 5 effects pedals. This unit can accept an independent power supply input (not included) to act like a traditional pedal power supply, or it can be powered by another Strymon Zuma/Ojai unit to act as an output expander. Each pedal output supplies up to 500mA which is enough to power almost any pedal, including Strymon's range of high current-draw effects pedals. All the necessary cables - 5x 18'' length 2.1mm barrel connectors - are supplied to power your pedals.

Top Quality Design

The Strymon Ojai is a high quality anodised aluminium unit built to last the rigours of touring. It is thin enough to fit under almost any pedalboard, and has a switch-mode power conversion that will work anywhere in the world with the correct IEC cable and power adapter (not included). The Ojai is highly energy efficient and has a compact design, giving you a no-fuss approach to achieving pro-quality clean power.

Clean Power

Each output of the Ojai is dual buffered; the outputs are isolated both from each other and from the external AC input power. The power supply is also regulated both on the output and the input, ensuring solid output under changing load conditions. These features give the Zuma a thoroughly professional operation with low noise and stable power for your delicate FX pedals.

Expandable System

The Ojai includes a 24V input and thru output, allowing you to connect another Strymon Ojai (not included) to expand your system even further. The Ojai can be powered with an independent power supply (not included), or with another Zuma/Ojai unit to act as an expansion system. This removes the worry that one power supply will limit your number of available pedals should you wish to expand your pedal rig. Overall, the Ojai is a thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted pedal power distributor, ready to get mounted on your pedalboard and, with zero fuss, give you a thoroughly professional solution to powering your rig.


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