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Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 212

Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 212

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Price: £1,049.00

Blackstar St. James EL34 212

Extending Blackstar's range of the most advanced, innovative and best-sounding 50 Watt valve amps in the world. Blackstar are proud to introduce you to St. James 212 combos.

Available in two formats, a classic EL34 design and a higher gain 6L6 model, these amps are simple to use but highly versatile. Developed after months of forensic examination of vintage valve amps, the intuitive two channel set-up deliver Blackstar's best ever cleans and overdrives.

An inductive load is built into each St. James amp, this allows you to run the valves flat out without having a speaker connected. Normally you would have to pay extra money for an additional piece of equipment - St. James has it included. Add in Cab Rig, our next-generation DSP speaker simulator to capture incredible tones via USB / XLR D.I. out or headphones.

The Power Reduction switch allows you to select 50 Watts, 5 Watts or Sag to easily get the perfect balance of power and response for any situation from studio to stage.

The unique Celestion Zephyr lightweight ferrite speakers, candlenut plywood cabinet and universal power supply all go together to create 50 Watt valve amps that are less than half the weight of a traditional valve amp.

The 2x12 combo weighs only 17kg: these are the lightest 50 Watt valve amps in the world and deliver amazing tones without compromise.

Features - Blackstar St. James EL34 212

  • Ultra-lightweight 50 Watt 2x12 combo (16.8kg)
  • 2 x ECC83, 2 x 6L6
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • Footswitchable Channel II Voice (OD 1 / OD 2)
  • 50W / 2W / Sag power reduction
  • Master Volume
  • Digital Reverb
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • USB audio output
  • Cab Rig advanced DSP cabinet simulator
  • XLR D.I. output
  • Exclusive 2x12" Celestion G12Z-70 'Zephyr'
  • 8 Ohm custom-designed, lightweight speaker
  • Cab Rig advanced DSP cabinet simulator
  • Footcontroller included
  • Stunning boutique look including illuminated logo

Specifications - Blackstar St. James EL34 212

  • Power: 50W
  • Speaker: 2x 12" Celestion Zephyr
  • Preampe Valves: 2x ECC83
  • Output Valves: 2x EL34
  • Channels: 2
  • Voice/Boost: Boost
  • EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Power Reduction: 50W, Sag, 2W
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Inbuilt Reactive Load: Yes
  • Cab Rig DSP Speaker Simulator: Yes
  • USB Audio: Yes
  • XLR Cab Rig Output: Yes
  • Series Effects Loop: Yes (With Level Switch)
  • Footswitchable: Yes (Included 2-Way Footswitch)
  • Tolex: Fawn
  • Voltage: 90V to 264V 50/60Hz
  • Weight (kg): 16.8
  • Dimensions (mm): 685 x 535 x 260


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